Tutoring Program 2015


Looking for your child to get a head start in their studies?

Check out our BCLC Tutoring Program then!

We help students who need extra studies in both Mathematics and English for all reasons. BCLC helps students review school work and learn ahead of the school curriculum with a customized program for your child. We offer both individual and small class sizes of 4 tutoring sessions. The small class rate helps students focus better at listening and learning, so we can ensure that each student receives the help and attention they deserve from our teachers. Reinforced practice in class and homework will be provided to help the students speed up in their own pace, to develop strong skills, and to be confident in the class and beyond. We build our own curriculums, but we also compile information and other activities from our databases in order to give the best learning and interactive experience for our students. 

Part of what makes BCLC such a competitive and great choice for tutoring is that we don't just provide the same classes to every student. Each and every one of our curriculums  is tailored to our students to ensure that they learn exactly what you're dreaming of. If you're tired of generic curriculums and lessons made for your child, then come and see us. All details regarding classes will be customized specifically for your child. A face-to-face meeting is highly suggested before classes start to help us customize your child's curriculum.  Our teaching methods are also highly valued. Aligned with our philosophy, our teaching methods revolve around instilling a sense of joy and love for learning in students. Although we always make sure that students are learning their lesson subjects, BCLC deeply believes that developing a passion for learning and education is vital for a student's long-term growth. Without a doubt, our program's uniqueness allows for students to enjoy learning while mastering the technicalities of their subjects, and these two details are instrumental to paving the path to a bright and productive future for any student.

Also, we believe that learning while playing is the best method for student improvement. Students will be involved naturally in classes by particpating in enriching and fun activities. Say goodbye to that grumpy face at BCLC! We are proud of our experienced and professionally trained teachers. Our teachers are always passionate about teaching students. At the same time, they are also eager to build sincere relationships with students. Our teachers don't just care about academic achievements, but they also care about students' emotions all the time.

Children ages 5 - 15 are welcome to enter our Tutoring Program!




Class will cover simple to complicated questions step by step, based on student needs. Through creative learning methods, students will enjoy dealing with numbers and math solutions.

Reading Comprehension

Students will answer simple questions following after reading. We will give additional thought-provoking questions in order to develop students' critical thinking process and help them hone their analysis skills.

Creative Writing

We will surely provide creative writing methods based on what our teachers have in mind from reading sessions. Students will be expected to write based on the writing prompts we create for them. Reading and Writing classes will be taught holistically.

With our unique and creative teaching method, we believe we can help your child be successful in Math, reading Comprehension, and Creative Writing both inside and outside of the classroom. Our curriculum and assignments are 100% based on students' needs and strengthening students' skills in problem-solving, as well as reasoning.


One-on-One Tutoring


Interested in our Tutoring Program but can't attend the times we have for our tutoring sessions? Or is it that you don't want your child in a group setting? That's perfectly okay! Here at BCLC we also offer one-on-one tutoring to students who may want our teachers' undivided attention.  Of course, we still offer our highly specialized curriculum in our one-on-one tutoring sesions, and have flexible scheduling. That means YOU get to decide the days and time, and our staff will accomodate that! To learn more about our tuition fees for One-on-One Tutoring, please check out the "Tuition Fees" tab. 

Daily Schedule




 Mondays & Wednesdays

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Tuesdays & Thursdays 

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee is $180/month for the regular Tutoring Program.

The tuition fee is $40/hour for one-on-one tutoring.

What do Our Parents Say?


"All the kids have really enjoyed BCLC and have talked about going back. Thanks to you and the teachers they have really enjoyed the time they had there and the learning. They have truly benefitted from the experience I am sure... we know anything the kids learn now will be invaluable part of their lives and will help them along the way...

We are truly grateful for the time you spent with the kids attending to their needs for improvement in math and reading.  If and when we decide to seek additional help in those areas, we will definitely consider BCLC."

 - Linh Tran


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